5 Tips for Setting Intentions During the New Moon

5 Tips for Setting Intentions During the New Moon

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Our name is Selene + Sol as it represents the goddesses of the Moon & Sun. Embracing our inner goddess and setting some New Moon intentions is a fantastic monthly practice. 

Why set new goals one time for the entire year when you can do it monthly at the beginning of the lunar cycle? 

Creating a New Moon ritual is simple and can be very effective at staying on track as life changes. Most calendars show when the next New Moon will be, but a simple check online can show the lunar cycle as well.

Here are 5 quick ideas to get started.

  1. Determine what your goals are for the coming month. What do you desire to achieve or bring about in your life? It may also be something you would like to release. 
  2. Soak in a restorative bath of Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt and essential oils of your choice. We also have some amazing Bath Soaks in our shop that you can use. If you prefer, use a similar shower practice with an essential oil shower steamer. Use the time to detoxify and wash away negativity. Reflect on what you have been grateful for.
  3. Cleanse and smudge your space, incense, palo santo, sage or lighting our Ritual New Moon herb and flower blend will clear away old energy. 
  4. Light a candle and write down/ journal the goals and intentions you are setting. If you use crystals, you can place your written intentions and crystals near a window to obtain the glow of the moon and recharge.
  5. Complete your ritual with some positive affirmations such as "I release what no longer serves me and allow what is new and positive to flow to me." or "My heart is open to the abundance that is flowing to me."  

Enjoy this and as always....

Keep Glowing!


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