Peace, Positivity and Palo Santo

Peace, Positivity and Palo Santo

I was never what someone would call a morning person. My time was always spent hitting snooze until the last possible minute before hurling myself towards the shower and then out the door for work. I would find my commute frantic and arrive with a frenzied energy fueled by an abundance of caffeine consumed on the way.

My mood and sense of peace was disrupted daily until I decided one day to start a new morning routine. The Three P's. Peace, Positivity and Palo Santo.ย 

I began setting my alarm to wake up daily at 6am. It was awful at first. I was tempted to snooze but remained determined to settle into a more peaceful practice.ย 

Many people choose to light Palo Santo as a way to clear their immediate energy and space. Palo Santo means "Holy Stick" in Spanish and refers to the wild tree native to various South American countries including Ecuador and Peru. The resin is very aromatic and the scent can be described as a combination of woodsy, citrus and mint. The gentle burning scent of Palo Santo is clarifying and thought to relieve headaches and reduce stress and anxiety. The benefits extend even beyond that to include inspiring creativity, as well as welcoming in love and good fortune.ย 

To begin each morning, I now find a few moments of peace by lighting a candle and then lighting my Palo Santo from the flame. I allow it to burn for about a minute and it will usually extinguish itself without blowing it out. I then place my Palo Santo in a small fireproof bowl allowing the scent to fill the area around me. I can feel my thoughts clearing of any negativity. My practice then continues for 10ย minutes to center myself and start the day in peace. In this time, I focus on positive intentions for the day. I choose to think of three things that bring me peace and positivity that I can be grateful for.ย 

It's a morning self-care ritual I have come to look forward to because it takes only 10 minutes in what is always a busy day.

In full transparency, I still arrive at work fully caffeinated and sometimes a bit frenzied from the morning traffic! I figure I will work on those things next! Yet overall I know I am doing something positive each day, just for me.ย 

Consider a morning practice or incorporating Palo Santo and more positivity into your day.

Keep Glowing!


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