Do What Makes Your Soul SHINE!

Do What Makes Your Soul SHINE!

It was August 2022 and I was spending another day in my office at work reviewing the previous business week. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the small mirror near my desk. Who was that person? They looked tired and unhappy. It couldn't be me. Unfortunately, it was. At that moment I was in a relationship that was draining and job that felt it would never lead to anything more purposeful. I felt like I was forcing a square peg into a round hole. 

On my drive home that day and in the weeks that followed I found myself in a place where the rug was pulled away and both the job and the relationship ended within weeks of each other. I was left feeling lost and I had no idea what to do next. My immediate reaction was to try to reconcile the relationship and flood my resume out to every similar position I could find. But Why? 

Did I want to remain that woman I saw in my reflection? Was this what I really wanted or what I conditioned myself to think was the right fit for me? It is tremendously difficult to consider changing direction or to let go of what we established our identity as being attached to. I tried to hold on a little longer because I was comfortable in the chaos when what I really needed to do was find peace. 

I sought out a coach to talk to and started journaling my thoughts and ideas. It took some time and I was taught to give myself grace in the process as I started to choose a new path. WHAT MADE MY SOUL SHINE? That became the question I kept asking. Choosing more self-love, self-care and a position where I could reflect more of that was where I was led.

Selene + Sol was born from that reflection as a way to promote positivity and philanthropy that gives me a sense of purpose. It also led me to deciding that sometimes we must release people that do not want to come on that journey with us in a loving way. 

As I look back on where I started and the fog that surrounded the choices I was making I realized that focusing on what truly makes your soul happy will bring you through. Staying true to you. Find the positions, people and resources that allow you to glow. 

I hope that our community at Selene + Sol can help you shine that light!

Keep Glowing!


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