Starting a Journaling Practice

Starting a Journaling Practice


I have a confession to make. My journaling game is weak! My mind can often head into so many directions at once. Spinning with ideas and ruminating over conversations and past or future actions. Yet with all of that, whenever I try to put pen to paper, I would be at a loss and stare blankly at the page.

What I have come to find is that some simple guidance and direction can often help make this an amazing daily self-care safe space for all of those thoughts and ideas.

It was important on Selene + Sol that we offered a few different styles of journaling books because each of us may be exploring different reasons to take up this practice.

The best place to start can be in determining the "WHY" behind your journaling goals. 

  • A healthier lifestyle or wellness journey
  • Daily gratitude and self- care practices
  • Setting intentions for the future similar to a vision board
  • Observing our dreams
  • Reflecting on and releasing negative patterns
  • Generating creative and fresh ideas

Consider what you are looking to achieve through your journaling and then choose the best book to get yourself started. A simple unlined notebook can help you to allow any and all ideas flow freely and even sketch or doodle along the way. A book with daily or weekly prompts and inspirations can help you if you want to uncover more through reflection. A dream journal is a terrific bedside book to help you recall and reflect when you wake up. 

Journaling doesn't need to feel overwhelming. 5-10 minutes a day can be all you need to allow your thoughts to flow.

Determine what you want from this practice and then allow yourself to flow freely. No one is grading your work, sentence structure doesn't matter or the combination of words. No one is reviewing this but you. Be honest and allow your guard to be down. You will be surprised by the outcome.

Some benefits:

  • Clarity of your thoughts
  • Self-Awareness
  • More appreciation and gratitude daily for the little things
  • A greater likelihood of achieving a goal that is written down
  • Sparking creativity and generating new ideas
  • Boosts mood and confidence
  • Keeps you on track and productive
  • Challenges you to release stagnant thoughts.

Begin with the smallest step and see where journaling can take you. I have decided to keep it simple myself by lighting a candle and writing in the Self Care journal for 5 minutes a day.

Enjoy the process!

Keep Glowing!



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