The Ritual of Releasing

The Ritual of Releasing

I recently decided I was long overdue to clean out my closet. I was holding on to so many items that I hadn't worn in years. As I worked my way through each item I realized I was also holding on to the past. I was thinking that maybe I would wear something again or keeping it because a specific person gifted it to me or because a memory (some even negative) was attached. The truth was, they were all taking up room in my closet and creating clutter that prevented me from bringing in anything fresh and new. This desire to clean out the closet came during a difficult time when I was dealing with hurt and looking for a distraction.

Just like our closets, our minds and hearts can hold on to clutter. Negative emotions, thoughts, old issues we have not let go of. A circumstance that didn't work out or someone's words that wounded us. We replay these things over in our minds and they can often keep us stuck and at odds with attracting what we do want into our lives because we have not made the space. 

I turned to this simple practice of releasing when I am feeling stuck and it has helped. 

I use our RELEASE Sage and Citrus candle. 

Find a quiet space and light your candle. Take several deep breaths and write down on paper each thought, feeling, or thing that you need to release as it no longer serves you. Be sure to have a small fireproof bowl (or even a sauce pan will do) near you. Light your paper with the candle, place it in the bowl and say "I let go and release this with compassion, gratitude for what I have learned from this and move forward in love and peace." 

Then take some time to envision creating space in your head and heart to fill with something new and more positive. 

It is never easy to release things and it may take time. Give yourself grace and try a few times if needed. With each occasion you choose to release you attempt to replace the negative with positive. Keep at it!

Keep Glowing!


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