The Practice of Positive Affirmations

The Practice of Positive Affirmations

A few months ago, I was going through a particularly challenging time. I felt as if I was just trying to get through each day. My eating and sleeping habits were terrible. Fast food, diet soda, late nights of scrolling on my phone. I could feel this lack of healthy habits catching up with me. My body felt off, my head felt foggy and I was lethargic. 

I made a decision that for one full week I would go to bed earlier, stop mindlessly scrolling for at least an hour before sleeping and replace the fast food with healthier options. I figured I could commit to just 7 days. It was incredible how quickly I started to feel better and more energetic. 

This made me start to think about not only what we feed our bodies, but what we feed our minds! My mind was on a steady diet of difficult, negative, repetitive thoughts. What would happen if for a week, I fed it positive thoughts and affirmations? So, I made the commitment to focus on feeding myself some self - love and positivity daily for 7 days. 

This was no easy task! I had become so conditioned to falling into the negative. I truly needed to remain focused and consistently steer myself toward a new mindset. If you are finding yourself in the same place, I challenge you to try to find the positivity in your life for 7 days. 

Here are a few ways to stay on this path to positive thinking:

  • Create some positive mantras that you can replace your negative thinking with - such as:
  1. " I Deserve Good Things " 
  2. " I Choose to Be Grateful for What I Have " 
  3. " I Release the Past and Focus on the Present "
  4. " I Will Not Give into Sadness "
  5. " I Will Remain Positive and Have the Power to Create a Solution "
  • Use Positive Affirmation Cards to guide you daily away from any negative thoughts. You can also post positive notes in areas where you will see them daily to remind yourself of the love, abundance and care you deserve. It will allow you to start and end each day with positivity! 
  • Reframe Negative Thoughts:
  1. "It's Too Hard"   becomes  "I Will Rise to the Challenge"
  2. "I'm Not Ready"  becomes "There is No Better Time"
  3. "Fear of Failing"  becomes "Curious About Where This Can Lead Me"

    What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. - Buddha

Your thoughts are powerful so what you feed your mindset is just as important as what you feed your body. 

Stay Positive, even when it is difficult. You are amazing and can come through the negative toward a more positive mindset. I continue to work on it daily but I see it beginning to bear fruit. 

Keep Glowing!



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