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Dry Brushing 101

The benefits of Dry Brushing lend themselves to making this a terrific addition to any self-care practice. Consider incorporating Dry Brushing as part of your morning routine every few days. 

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. It increases Lymphatic support helping your body to remove toxins through lymphatic drainage.
  2. Reduces acne
  3. Cleans and clears pores
  4. Reduces cellulite
  5. Increases blood circulation
  6. Boosts energy
  7. Exfoliates and assists with dry skin
  8. Tightens skin
  9. Stress relieving

There are several Dry Brushing techniques but here are some quick tips to get you started. To begin with you will need a natural bristle brush such as the one in our Dry Brushing kit. You can use this for your body and choose a smaller brush for your face.

5 Minutes is all you really need to Dry Brush your body and this can be done just before you shower but any time is just fine. Brush strokes should always be light and towards the heart. 

Begin by breathing slowly in and out through the nose with long slow exhales.

You can begin at your feet and use light brush strokes working upward along your legs always moving towards your heart. At your midsection use a circular motion starting from the right, up across and down to the left. Brush body parts above the heart in light downward strokes, again always towards the heart. Areas with lymph nodes can be lightly brushed in circular motions such as under arms. Always remain aware of your breathing and keep a light brush stroke. 

A light oil can be applied after showering or dry brushing to enhance skin. Our kit comes with a 2oz Grapefruit and Neroli oil to soften skin and the scent adds aromatherapy to your new self-care practice.

Enjoy all the benefits of Dry Brushing.

Keep Glowing!




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